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Helping and assist families for insurance companies, funeral directors or consulates when a relative dies abroad. Our service is available all over the world trough our worldwide network of funeral directors.


The Vangrunderbeek company is active in the funeral business since the beginning of the previous century. We were able to, thanks to our professionalism and to the human attitude of " the team ", to develop the family company. By giving her the necessary fame we became little by little one of the biggest funeral parlors in Belgium with an international recognition.


In December, 2004, during the Tsunami, which made thousands of victims in Thailand, I made the decision to leave for Phuket and to go to help families with distress. Two days after the disaster, I arrived with two co-workers. During two weeks we helped families to find their missing persons and to repatriate them towards their respective countries. We organized the paperwork, embalming, coffins and transportation to there home country. We repatriated all the Belgians, as well as Italians, Swedes, Turks, Spanish and deceases of the other countries.

It is only after my return that I realized all the horror which I had lived. Emotionally it had become me impossible to continue to help the other families. The need  to direct me to other professional horizons was felt quickly. After 25 years in an environment where I had the experience and recognition of my colleagues and competitors, the decision was difficult but necessary.


After a while I felt the need again to support and to help families to return a deserving tribute to their dear missing persons. The images of the Tsunami will stay in me for ever in memory, but today I retain especially all these thanks of the families which I helped. I made the mourning of my suffering too and I have again strength, the need and the motivation to help families with mourning.


Today we have again a family business. Together with my sons we organize worldwide repatriations and local funerals. I'm passing my 35 years experience to the next generation just the way I received it from my father and my

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